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Jardin des sens

Food production

Le Jardin des Sens [‘Garden of the senses’] cultivates varieties of edible flowers, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants. We transform them in the workshops of the Partner Village into products such as
flowers and fresh leaves for catering, infusions, cosmetics, solarised oils, soaps and salts.

Pepeat Studio


Composed of chefs, food stylists and image professionals sharing the same love of cooking, the Pepeat Studio team enjoys creating and shaping attractive recipes in photos and videos. The studio is also at the origin of books such as ZERO WASTE, a gourmet recipe book without waste.


Design and visual communication

Steppers Studio is a Brussels-based creative visual communication agency. Specialising in visual identity, motion design and web design. Our team is there to offer you the support and advice you need to succeed in your digital communication and on all printed media.

Talents Switch

Service to companies (and associations).

Connection service between the non-profit sector and freelancers specialising in: consulting, management, training, communication, IT, accounting, well-being (yoga, sports coaching, etc.), organisation of events, scientific research and employment aids and subsidies.

Repair Together

Circular economy

Our objective is to pool the resources necessary for the creation, development and maintenance of “Repair Cafés” in Belgium.

Write and Go


Creation of content for awesome entrepreneurs and innovative companies. Writing content tailored to your target audience, the tone and image of your business. Management of social networks, support in the development of your professional activity through communication.


Business Service / Recruitment

Your Partner In Sustainable Staffing Solutions. With more than 8 years of experience in recruiting and consulting in technical environments. Specialized know-how in the fields of energy, energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable development and the circular economy.

Joxa Invest

Construction / real estate

JOXA INVEST SPRL is active in the development of real estate projects, in renovation and in development. JOXA INVEST’s objective is to renovate the city by creating quality housing and spaces with added value to society. Integrating the challenges of tomorrow’s world (at ecological level, new standards, etc.).


Business Service / HR

Jobyx is a platform that aims to be an effective solution to replace your social secretariat, your temporary employment agency and even your recruitment office by automating your administrative


Circular economy

WeCircular is a young Belgian start-up which wants to promote the circular economy in Belgium. We support companies wishing to reduce their impact on the environment by collecting and recycling their waste. We offer innovative recycling solutions adapted to the different needs of our customers.


Food production

Ice creams and pastries: I produce raw ice creams, sorbets and pastries in the workshops of the Partner Village in Saint Gilles, which are distinguished by the quality of the raw materials. In order to keep only the best of the sugar, I only use unrefined sugar and limit the amount in my recipes.

Les branchées


Les Branchées offer tailor-made training and personalised advice to allow you to promote your professional activities in complete autonomy through social networks, websites and other communication tools.

Pierre Yves Gillet


Contemporary architectural solutions, tailor-made, efficient and quality for life and work. Boldness, passion, independence and transparency characterise our work.

Au pluriel


Graphic and web design agency. We respond to all visual communication requests, on printed and digital media. Each structure that we support benefits from solid monitoring and a deep analysis of its needs. Listening, patience and efficiency are the watchwords of our agency.


Brussels Federation of Adapted Work Enterprises

Our missions: promote the work of disabled people, defend the interests of adapted work companies, improve the well-being of disabled people at work, promote the activities of adapted work companies and improve communication between them..


Remote control monitoring

Remote monitoring system for invasive vertebrate and invertebrate species. Our goal through our services is to radically reduce the use of pesticides and insecticides.


Sustainable development research office

Ecores is a support and advice office in sustainable development that supports companies, public organisations and territories in the transition to a regenerative economy. EcoRes provides diagnostic and support missions, studies, training, etc.

Groupe One

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Groupe One is a Belgian organisation that facilitates the transition to a sustainable economy. It is active in Brussels and Wallonia on themes such as: Agriculture and sustainable food, making businesses, local shops, and the circular economy more sustainable.


Building design office

Design office in energy design, special techniques and stability.

Our goal is to design low-energy buildings, both during the construction phase and during operation.


Service for / para-legal and administrative businesses

  • Advice and expertise
  • Practical services to businesses, notaries, lawyers and accountants within the framework of the completion of formalities related to corporate law.

Tima Consult


Accounting and fiduciary services for the self-employed, micro-businesses and SMEs.


Political advocacy [Lobbying]

We defend the interests of Fair Trade organisations with European institutions



Small, fast but balanced restaurant located in the courtyard of the Partner Village. The products are mainly from fair trade and from the organic sector.


Renewable Energy

An independent association, the Association pour la Promotion des Energies Renouvelables (APERe) supports citizens and regions who aim for greater energy autonomy, which is sustainable, united and positive for the environment.



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